Vinayak Hospital provides services especially for all types of Cancers, Laproscopic Surgeries and Endoscopic Surgeries. We are the only Dedicated Laproscopic Centre in Western Pune

In Vinayak Hospital we offer Cancer treatments starting from Surgery to Chemotherapy.
  The Surgical oncology is looked after by Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar. We perform all Gastro Interstitial Cancer Surgery
    Breast Cancer surgery
    Thyroid cancer Surgery
    Large Intestinal cancers surgery
    Oral and head neck cancer
  We are pioneer in Minimal Access Surgery, so the endoscopic treatment at Vinayak Hospital offers:
    Removal of Foreign body from esophagus and stomach.
    Dilation of structures (narrowing) in esophagus.
    Excision of Polyps.
    Removal of CBD stone etc.
    ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography)
  Minimal Access Surgery has new Dimension as Laparoscopy
We offer Laparoscopic Surgery of :
    Gall bladder and Common Bile Duct Store.
    Hiatus Hernia.
    Inguinal Hernia and Incision Hernias.
    Abdominal remarks and concerns.
    Hysterectomy i.e. Removal of uterus.
    Cancers of large Boned.
    Endoscopic removal of Thyroid Cancer
    Removal of ovarian tumours and gynaecological cancers
  We offer
    Diagnostic Laparoscopy.
    Removal Of Tubal Blockage.
    Intrauterine Polyp Removal.
    Coronal Sterling.
    Fimbrial Aversion.
    IUI Intrauterine Insemination.
    AIS Artificial Insemination Of Sperm.


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